About our company

The Patch Cap Story.

Patch Cap is a dynamic start-up, providing financial infrastructure and enterprise-class solutions anywhere in the world to any business that wants to convert one currency into another. What was once a simple foreign exchange idea evolved into a platform and is currently a full-scale service solution for companies that want to boldly lead the way in their financial offerings.

From our foundational roots in a small rented apartment in Boston, we’ve grown both in geography and size. Today we have offices in New York, Amsterdam, Bozeman, and London, but as a remote-first company our employees are all over the world. New team members join every day and we’re excited about what the future holds.

We are passionate about embedded finance and believe it’s the future, so we want to share our expertise with any business out there who is struggling to make multi-currency solutions part of their offering.

World-Class team

Our experts.

We’ve set up our teams internally so that whether you’re a bank, Fintech, or providing FX services, you receive specialist expert advice. Our customers are the stars; we support them on their growth journey. Below are some of the great people at Patch Cap who are ready to help provide bold solutions to meet your needs.

Our banking experts

We have you covered. Our sales consultants have the skills and knowledge on all things related to banking and specialize in these sectors, so that you receive the best solution in your industry.

Our Fintech experts

Whether you're just starting out or an established business, our passionate team will help propel your company into the next stage.

Our FX experts

The FX team have decades of experience between them to help you make a right decision on rates, conversation and solutions for your customers. No matter what size or type of business you are in, our FX experts can back you on your journey.

World-Class team

Behind the scenes

We have product managers, compliance experts, regulatory gurus, financial whizzes, and marketing geniuses—all working hard to bring your solutions to life. These are our teams.

The growth team

Made up of marketing, strategy, and our payments and liquidity team, the growth team pushes us forward in new and existing markets.

The sales team

This team is full of ambitious and dedicated experts who back our prospects and clients to power their bold aspirations. The team is clever, driven and spans across all over geographies of North America, Africa, and Asia.

The compliance team

Being a financial services company means taking compliance seriously. To ensure we remain compliant across jurisdictions this team helps onboard new clients, monitor, transaction and keep us all above board.

The finance & operations team

Budgeting, invoicing, financial planning, and investment: all part of the pipes that keep our customer's money moving is an average day's work for the team.

The people team

If you're thinking about joining Patch Cap,  you're likely to interact with this  team before anyone else. This is the team that looks after Patch Caps people from HR to talent management, this team has it covered.

The product & technology team

Check out any page on this website and and you 'll see how important technology is to our clients. It’s what sets us apart from others, and all thanks to the excellent work that comes from this team.